Mudanshakai Judo Club

Strength Through Pure Technique

Get in Touch

If you need to get in touch then feel free to use any of the means below.

E Mails

E mail is by far the simplist way of getting in touch normally we try to get replies within a few days anything that requires urgent attention should be done via the telephone.   To Contact Med-Sensei  To Contact Mark Arbuthnott-Sensei

Phone Numbers

Med - 07861277209  Please Leave a Message i will get back to you if i dont answer.

Mark - 01356647160 or 07941470644  (Marks Mobile has Poor Reception when at his home)

Damacre Centre - 01356 623491  Number of the Dojo, Only useful during class times.


Write us a Letter to, 


Brechin Judo Club

26 Damacre Road



  if your on holiday why not send us a postcard